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  • Task Android & iOS Mobile Development
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Tap the button to order a ride, and get picked up by a nearby driver.


To request a ride, tap the button. You’ll be picked up by a driver in the area and get a cheap trip to your location.


Why go with Raida?

• Hire a cheap, comfy transportation.

• 24/7 quick arrival times.

• Check the cost of your ride before placing an order.

• Make use of a variety of safety tools, such as sharing your itinerary.

• Cash or credit/debit card payments are accepted within the app.


With the Raida app, getting a ride is simple:

1. Launch the application and choose your destination;

2. Request a pickup from a driver;

3. Locate your driver on the map in real-time;

4. Take pleasure in the journey;

5. Rate and purchase.

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